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You determine your health and happiness. Please choose wisely.

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February 2013

Hello lovelies!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you all for helping me make the recent transitions seamless and easy. I really appreciate your patience and loyalty!

This has been years in coming, and I’ve fought it every possible way, but online scheduling is genius! And it’s really fricking easy!! It saves time, and is incredibly simple. Please leave a note when you schedule if you’d like to be on the waiting list, and I’ll let you know if I have a cancellation for the day/time you prefer.


It’s also located at the bottom of the Massage, Skin, Lashes, and Waxing pages at www.kandicemorgan.com.

New Hours:

Monday 9a-5p
Tuesday 12-8p
Wednesday 9a-8p
Thursday 2-8p

ECredit Cards:
Many of you all ready know this, and for those who don’t: I have a Square credit card swiperCash and checks are still accepted, but don’t let the lack of either hold you back from receive the care you need.

Lash and brow tinting is now available!

Lash Tint $20
Brow Tint $20
Lash and Brow Tint $35
Lash Tint with Extensions $15

Please, select the lash tint option when scheduling so I have enough time to perform both services.

I was reading over notes from a class I took a few years ago. I found this juicy nugget that is perfect for every day, but especially Valentine’s day, regardless of relationship status: Your heart is pure and true, and I love you.Say it to yourself. Say it to others. Let it sink in. Happy Love Day!

See you soon,

Kandice Morgan

May 2012

Hey, Lovelies!!

It’s been awhile! Many of you have wondered if you got somehow knocked off my email list, but I haven’t been writing them. I dropped the ball and I apologize. It’s been a lot of growth and learning and implementing the lessons I thought I learned awhile ago. In some ways, it’s been duck-and-cover to move forward. God is not listening to my desire for a growth hiatus… I asked to be the best me possible, so I’m responsible. *sigh* Having a great big life is a lot of work!

One thing that keeps coming up is how much of a people-pleaser I am. Now, there are definitely areas of my life that this has served me in the past (my career, for one). Yet, I find myself putting almost everyone ahead of me on my VIP list. I suspect, due to my feelings of overwhelm and self-neglect, this doesn’t serve me nearly as much I once thought it did. My first instinct is to do whatever others want so I’m liked. Does being liked by others really matter when I don’t like myself because I’m not making me a priority?? No.

We teach others how to treat us. I’ve been teaching others, and myself, that my needs don’t matter. That rest, vacations, time alone, boundaries, being loved, honored and cherished, etc., don’t apply to me. Apparently, I think I’m super woman… And quite possibly a martyr to hard work, so much so that I’ve made up that the only things that have value are in struggle and exhaustion. Yuck.

Hear me: I am in no way blaming anyone else. I know these are patterns of behavior I have set in place, and it is up to me to change them. Choosing me is my current, most challenging practice. Daily, I am called to voice my needs, in a way that is supportive and loving to me, and the other person. It’s not always easy, but I’m stammering a lot less than I was at first! Go me!

As in all things of perfect timing, this quote was sent to me by a friend yesterday: “I’m not a Facebook status, you don’t have to ‘LIKE’ me.” True statement. Feel free to adopt it as your own if you experience this same issue in your life.

May/June Specials: 

I’m still honoring the Peel Special from January:

Lactic Peel (30 minutes, no massage):

Stand Alone Service $45

Added to 60+ Minute Massage $40

It’s always in season to have a fresh, dewy glow!

New Happenings: 

I’m moving into a new office! Yay! There are several of us (a chiropractor, Rolfer, psychic and energy healer, and another massage therapist or two, and more) moving to an office suite in the Beauvallon building at 975 Lincoln Avenue, Denver, in the north tower. We should be up and running by July 2nd, 2012. I’ll fill you in on the details (suite number, parking—in a free garage!, etc.) as soon as I know them all, and keep you posted on any and all changes as they occur. This is going to be super fun! I haven’t worked in a team environment in ages, and am excited to be more involved in the well roundedness of people’s whole health.

Price Change for Massage (effective July 1, 2012):

60 minutes $80

75 minutes $95

90 minutes $110

Package prices will increase also! It’s the perfect time to lock in the lower prices, if you’re so inclined. Couples can share a package. Packages must be used within one year of purchase date (no exceptions, unless it’s death, loss of limb, other catastrophes I choose not to think about), at the rate of your choice. You can purchase them on my website: www.kandicemorgan.com/massage  (If you’ve purchased a package, your rates stay the same for the life of your package.)

Luscious Lashes Coming Soon!

June 4th, I’m attending an eyelash extension class. I’m super excited about offering this service! Recently, I was asked how to play up the eyes and make them look bigger without heavy eye makeup (which actually makes the wearer look older, and the eyes look smaller and more deep set). Long, luscious lashes are an INSTANT solution to that particular issue. As we age, we tend to have thinning hair, which includes lashes. Dark, dense, divine lashes are youthful and flattering. Best parts: no mascara, and people stopping you on the street to compliment your fantastic ‘makeup’ application. Down sides: they’re addictive! They are also a time commitment, as you’ll need to come in every 2-3 weeks for a ‘Re-lash’.

Full Set:

Flares 30-35 lashes per eye (outer 1/3 of eye)    $150 (1 hour)

Natural 40-60 lashes per eye                                       $250 (1.5 hours)

Luscious 60-80 lashes per eye                                     $300 (2 hours)

Diva 80-100 lashes per eye                                           $350 (2.5 hours)


10-30 lashes per eye                                                       $75 (45 minutes)

31-50 lashes per eye                                                       $100 (1-1.5 hours)

50+ lashes per eye                                                          $150 (2 hours)

*Client must have 25% of lashes still on to be considered a Re-lash, otherwise Full Set prices apply. Proper home care is essential, please follow post-care instructions.

Lash Removal                                                                    $50 (30 minutes)

The first 10 clients to book, will receive initial full set for 50% off!!  I’m accepting lash clients beginning June 6th. Call/text/email ASAP for an appointment. 720.212.4041

Find me online:

Add me:  www.facebook.com/kandice.morgan  (My personal FB account. Note: cursing, opinion sharing, general revelry and ridiculousness occur on this page, as well as showing off my warped sense of humor. Don’t worry if you’d rather not participate in these shenanigans; ‘LIKE’ my business page instead.)

‘LIKE’ me:  www.facebook.com/solutionskinandmassage  (This is where I post last minute specials and skin care/massage/waxing/lash related updates.)


Just let me know!

Attitude of Gratitude:

If you haven’t yet seen “The Help”, I highly recommend it! Aibilene Clark is an African American maid and nanny in the early 1960s. She tells her young female charge daily, “You is smart. You is kind. You is important.” I teared up every time she said it. Those words, while grammatically incorrect, are the words every one of us, especially children, need to hear on a regular basis.

You are smart. You are kind. You are important. You are here on purpose.

See you soon,




January 2012

Hello, lovelies!

Aaagh!! 2012. We’re all gonna die!*Newsflash* None of us get out of life alive. Spread the word. I’m being super sarcastic, but I am so tired of hearing about how the end is near. I’m kind of hoping this is the end of the world as we know it. We could use a turn for the better, in my opinion.

It has taken me 22 days into 2012 to sit down to write this newsletter. I’ve been in such resistance to writing it…  It occurred to me it’s because I couldn’t come up with the perfect words, perfect subject, perfect source of inspiration, perfect blah blah blah. I have a lot of ideas of needing to be perfect to be lovable and of value, and in this case, successful in business. It’s at once both amusing and incredibly sad because I know that perfection is unattainable. It’s not even the point of being here.

Perhaps I’m not the only one who isn’t fully engaged in creating a joyful life, isn’t striving for her dreams and goals wholeheartedly, isn’t even allowing herself to fully HAVE a dream, for fear of not being and doing perfect. Perhaps I’m not the only one getting out my bejeweled internal-hammer to beat myself up for mistakes, real or imagined, every day. Perhaps I’m not the only one reading books, attending seminars, webinars, and group calls to figure out what/where/when I’m doing and being ‘wrong’, so I can fix it and do and be ‘right’. Perhaps I’m not the only one who sometimes gets caught up in the perfection-equals-love-but-perfect-isn’t-possible-so-I’ll-never-be-lovable-because-I’m-not-perfect cycle. It’s fucking exhausting, isn’t it? (Yeah, I said it… And what?)

All that efforting was not in vain: I am not perfect, and I love me anyway. Let’s make that the efforts we make: To abandon perfection, be our true and best selves, and love ourselves and each other anyway.

 Skin Specials:

Lactic Peel: $40 with a massage, $45 as a stand alone treatment (normally $75)– I’m LOVING the results I’m seeing on those of you who’ve had a lactic peel, so I’m keeping this special going for now. Come get your dewy glow on!

Brow, Lip, or Chin Wax: $5 each (normally $10 each)

Brazilian Wax: $45 (normally $55)– Seriously, ladies, wax it off! The benefits are quite, uhhh, stimulating. Extrasensory? Freakin’ HOT! Do it.

Attitude of Gratitude:

Thank you for being vulnerable and allowing me to be vulnerable too. I appreciate your dedication to yourselves and your health. I appreciate being a part of your lives.

You are amazing. You are gifted. You are kind. You are so beautiful. You are lovely exactly the way you are.

See you soon,


December 2011

Hello, lovelies!!

I mentioned how much I love the holidays last month. Christmas is an incredibly magic time! The trees, lights, reindeer, a fat white dude in a red suit… I feel like a kid, so hopeful, so enchanted, so filled with possibility. Usually. Once upon a time, I had absolutely no negative energy on the family aspect of the holidays. I know plenty of people who do, but I counted myself blessed to not be among them. As I’ve gotten older, it seems the family dynamics, those weird, underlying, intricately interwoven relationships and agreements, have come to light. Or perhaps I can no longer ignore how negative and damaging some of those agreements are. Either way, this holiday season seems to be incredibly challenging for me, and I’ve been called to step up my self-care routine.

My business always gets busy during the holidays. I anticipate, and relish, being a part of your treatment-tribe, as I’ve recently dubbed the group of people who keep you going strong (chiropractors, acupuncturists, energy workers, doctors, etc.). This year, most of us are more stressed out than normal, which is when massage becomes less of a luxury, and being on the my table is an act of rest, rejuvenation and self love. If you are also feeling the strain, please do not hesitate to get in with me. While I can’t make your stress go away, I can certainly help you and your body be better equipped to deal with that stress. Don’t forget I know a lot of amazing healers who can help you in ways I cannot, and will gladly refer you to any of them.


*Lactic Acid Chemical Exfoliation: $45, 30 minute, stand-alone treatment, no massage (usually $75) OR $40 to add the 30 minute treatment to any 60+ minute massage

Benefits of a Lactic “Peel”: Lactic acid works on the surface of the skin to even skin tone, improve texture, and reduce hyperpigmentation. Lactic’s unique ability to draw moisture toward the surface of the skin makes it ideal for all skin types and most skin conditions (including sensitive and oily/acne prone skin). This treatment will leave your skin soft, radiant and will give you a youthful, dewy glow! There is little to no down time, and skin will not peel, but may flake lightly a few days after treatment. It’s PERFECT for the holiday party season!

*Brow, Lip or Chin Wax: $5, when added on to another service (usually $10)

*New Client Massage Price: $60 for 60 minutes for the first massage (usually $75)

*Referral Reward: $15 credit for each referral you send me. Thank you for being so generous with your loved ones!

Credit Card Acceptance, Packages, Blogging, Receipts, Gift Certificates:

*From my website, you can now purchase services for you, or a loved one!! I don’t accept credit cards in person, but online you can use Paypal, Bill Me Later or a credit card. Woot!! My monthly specials are listed online as well. Check out my new website: www.kandicemorgan.com.

*There are massage packages listed, in 60 and 90 minute options, and available for purchase. All packages are to be used within one calendar year. You and a significant other may share a package. It is your responsibility to book with me.

*Beginning January first, I’ll be blogging! Many of you have commented that I should be blogging my newsletters. Soon, those and any other thoughts that come to my mind will be on my website. Heaven help us all! I’ll do my best to keep the LOLs and smiley faces to a minimum. Don’t worry, I’ll still be sending an email with the link to the new newsletter/blog so you don’t forget to check out what’s going on!

*Many insurance companies have flex spending accounts that will reimburse you for massage! I’m so happy about this, as I believe massage is essential for health. If you have a FSA, please let me know and I’ll get you a receipt to submit for reimbursement.

*New gift certificate policy: Beginning immediately, all gift certificates are good for one calendar year from issuance date. For six months post expiration, gift certificates will be honored at 50% of face value. The balance of the service must be paid at the time of service. Please encourage your people to use their certificates! A massage in theory doesn’t hold a candle to the blissful reality of being on my table. (Or, you know, the usual “I’ll feel better when you’re done”.)


I just realized that it’s almost been 8 months since back surgery! Holy canoli, how time flies! I do my best every day to not forget the lessons from that time, or in the time that’s followed. Some times, I forget. Tonight I was walking through the store and was very aware of my thighs rubbing together, and I started walking really stiffly and was thiiiiis close to going to negative self talk. Then I recalled a time not too long ago when I could barely walk or stand. I began strutting around that store with my cart, letting all the rubbing and jiggling and wiggling have its way! It was freeing and I encourage you to have the same freedom of movements! Your body is a divine gift– strut, don’t walk!

THANK YOU for an amazingly beautiful and blessed year!! You will truly never know how often you are included on my gratitude lists. You are pure Love and Joy and Light in my world. Thanks for being here.

See you soon,